Things that make me a bad feminist



I hate the #YesAllWomen tag

Firstly, I’ve actually read Elliot Rodger’s “manifesto” (it’s really more of a life story) and I don’t believe he was only a misogynist.  He was that, but he was also a hate filled person who was unable to see the value of anyone unless they were of use to him.  At one point in his story, he talks about needing to repress jealousy and anger toward his five year old brother (he was in his twenties at this point) because the brother was more gregarious and made friends more easily than he did.  He felt resentment toward ANYONE who he perceived had a better life than he did.  That shooting was not only about women.

Secondly, I simply do not fear men that much.  Sure, I’ve been harassed, and I’ve been touched without permission.  The most I’ve ever felt at this was annoyance and irritation while I made the men who tried it aware that it was unacceptable.  Perhaps it’s because I’m tall, or because I’m (apparently) intimidating.  When I see a strange man, even if I’m alone at night or travelling on the train, I don’t automatically reach for my keys “just in case”.  Perhaps I’m naive.  But that hashtag does not represent me and I resent that people try to say it represents every woman’s experience or opinion.

I think feminists should educate others

A lot of feminists like telling people to “educate yourself”.  It usually comes off as condescending bullshit from someone who likes feeling superior to others.  Yet feminists say they wish to change the world. 

Now, I know the rhetoric about how politeness never changed anything, but I’m pretty sure the people who changed the world didn’t walk around being condescending fucks and telling people to educate themselves.  I think they were the kind of people who empowered people through their teachings.

I think the feminist definition of sexism is stupid

sexism = prejudice + power

I don’t have a problem with this as a concept, but I think calling it “sexism” is simply a disingenuous way of silencing men. 

The fact is, on a case by case basis, anyone can be discriminated against on the basis of anything about them regardless of whether there’s institutionalised power to back that up.  Men can be discriminated against on the basis of their gender and that is still sexism.

It may not be as big of a problem for them and it may not cause as big an impact in their life, but pretending it’s not a problem or that it’s not possible (I know that’s not how this equation was originally intended, but some people actually interpret it that way) doesn’t help anyone.

I think benevolent sexism is bullshit

Because there is no such thing as sexism against men, right?  So anything that seems sexist against men is really about women.  Thus, benevolent sexism.

Which is more likely, that “benevolent sexism” is a thing, or that our society with its rigid gender roles punishes both women and men for straying outside of those boundaries? 

“What about the menz” really pisses me off.

Feminists who want to shut men up use this phrase.  It’s their shorthand for telling men they’re talking about women and to STFU.  Sometimes, they will encourage these men to “create a space for yourselves” if they want to talk about men’s issues.

Some men do that.  Then those spaces are inundated with feminists accusing them of being misogynists or MRAs and not respecting feminism enough.  That’s really rude (not that feminists care) but it’s also incredibly illogical.  They are doing what you suggested.

I like my privilege

Not only that, I think everyone else should like their privilege, too.

That isn’t the same thing believing it’s okay to use your privilege to oppress others.  Obviously that’s wrong.  It isn’t the same thing as not wanting to deconstruct privilege (if that’s even possible; I’m not sure it is).

But, so long as privilege is a thing that I have, I’m going to be grateful for it and I’m going to use it to my advantage.  It would be stupid of me not to. 

I’m one of those girls

You know the ones.  All my friends are male and I think women are drama-queens.  Obviously not all women, but most of them, yes.  Especially feminists.  It’s like they take all life’s little problems and then turn it up to eleven.

I feel bad for women who’ve had hard lives, but the thing is, most people have had hardship in their lives.  Being a woman doesn’t make your hardship any more special.



Without animal testing I would be dead

I've said no to animal testing

I’ve seen this petition twice in two days, and it irritates the hell out of me.

Firstly, the animals that would be tested are rats, so the image is an appeal to emotion, which is dishonest.

But what really annoys me is that the people signing these petitions go around signing every “help the animals” thing they see.  Considering the drugs that keep me alive were (are?) tested on animals, that’s really irritating.  Especially when it’s my friends.

This is a quote from a NZ politician:  “So the prime minister thinks ’cause an animal’s got a cute fluffy tail it’s okay, if it has a long skinny tail it is not.”

This guy is trying to say that animal testing is just as awful regardless of whether it’s on a rat or a dog.  He seems to have forgotten that the whole point is to protect people.  I think people are more important than dogs.

What most people don’t realise (or don’t consider) is that animals used in scientific testing have to be healthy.  When you’re doing an experiment, it has to be repeatable, and scientists can’t draw reliable conclusions from animals that are unhealthy because that would introduce too many variables.  So most lab animals are better treated than people’s pets and they have good lives, for the time that they are alive.

It’s very sad that we have to test things on animals, but all things considered, it’s better than the alternative.


These are a few of my favourite things

Now we’ve established what a font is and isn’t, where do we get these pretty things (regardless of what you want to call them)?  These are my top favourite sites for downloading free fonts. 

NOTE:  Most of the typefaces on these sites are free for personal or non-commercial use.


Possibly one of the most well known font sites out there.  I stumbled across this one via a link on a roleplay website (yes, I am that much of a geek) in a recommendation of places to get cool things for pretty graphics. 

A lot of the typefaces are completely over the top, to the point where you can’t even read the letters, but this is also the place where some of my absolute favourite typefaces are from. 

If you’re looking for a typeface really similar to something that already exists, like Coke’s dynamic ribbon or the Harry Potter lightning type, this is the place to look.


  • Alphabetical search by typeface name
  • Search by theme
  • Personalised preview text (not enabled for all typefaces)
  • Support in English, French, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese
  • Can purchase a license to use many typefaces commercially (link provided with download)


  1001 free fonts1001 Free Fonts

The first font site I ever discovered about 13 years ago, so it’s likely here to stay.

Very similar to Dafont, except that where inspiration was taken from other sources, the typefaces seem to be more “inspired by” and less “almost a copy”.


  • Alphabetical search by typeface name
  • Search by theme
  • Personalised preview (just hit the font preview link in the top links for options to appear)
  • Personalise preview text includes custom text colour
  • Create a download queue while browsing



This is a site that keeps getting promoted on my twitter feed lately.  I haven’t had time to really give it a good look, but from the stuff I’ve seen on my feed, it looks like it might be worth checking out.

Just from my first glance at it, a lot of the typefaces on this site are also featured on 1001 free fonts.


  • Alphabetical search by typeface name
  • Search by theme
  • Personalised preview
  • Page translation to 14 languages
  • Font converter that converts fonts between major formats


  google fontsGoogle fonts

Because they’re meant for web design, Google fonts have pretty good readability and obviously they’re good for using on the web.


  • Filter by typeface style (serif, sans serif, handwriting, etc)
  • Slider bars for thickness, slant & width
  • Choose alphabet type (Latin, Cyrillic, Greek, etc)
  • View as a word, sentence, paragraph or poster text
  • Add/remove typefaces to/from personal collection for later use
  • Use on a website or download for personal use


Font vs Typeface


Allow me to quibble; fonts and typefaces are not the same thing. 

The typeface is the design of the type you’re using.  It’s what it looks like, those little quirks that make it different from other typefaces.  Whether it has serifs and how fancy it is, is determined by the typeface.  Times New Roman, Gill Sans and Arial are all typefaces.

A font, on the other hand, is the typeface along with its specific defining features.  Times New Roman 11pt italic is a different font from Times New Roman 11pt regular.